Flair Lesson #10: Tin Double Same Hand Grab Around Head

I LOVE THIS MOVE!! This can be a tricky one when you’re getting started, but once you get it down you’ll know what I’m talking about. Part of what I love about this working flair move is that it only involves a tin – no need to worry about spilling or breaking a bottle!┬áTips to getting this move down:

1) Start with a proper grip on the tin: thumb and middle finger on opposite sides on the mouth of the tin.

2) Practice the throw first. Use your other hand to practice the catch while you get comfortable and consistent with throwing a double spin, focusing on being able to catch it right next to your ear.

3) The throw shouldn’t involve your whole arm, but rather focus on two things: 1) bending your elbow at the same time as you 2) flick your wrist to spin the tin. Continue Reading » Flair Lesson #10: Tin Double Same Hand Grab Around Head

Flair Lesson #4: Change Grip Around the Head

A bit of a twist on the previous change grip move, lesson four here can be a bit tricky at first but will become a piece of cake after a little practice. It’s also a great starting point for a ton of moves that we’ll be learning in the next few videos.

You can “cheat” a little when you practice the throw by placing your left hand just to the left of your head and using that to catch your throw. After you’ve gotten comfortable with the throw, try catching it with the same hand you used to throw the bottle. Be sure to move your hand above or around your head – don’t blind yourself with your arm and make this difficult to catch.

Get comfortable with this move – both hands! – because we are going to build upon it a lot in the upcoming videos.

Flair Lesson #3: Change Grip Circle Into Pour

When you’re first starting out, this move is awesome. It’s easy, it’s basic, it’s simple working flair. And it’s functional. It ends with you pouring the drink – and it only takes about two seconds longer than it normally would to just boringly pour a drink. Functional flair bartending is key. Especially when you’re new. Don’t be a bottle-monkey and waste time throwing things around, taking forever to make a drink. Build a solid reputation as a bartender first, then add simple, clean, fun, effective moves like this to your repertoire, and you’ll expand on your reputation as a solid flair bartender as well.

Continue Reading » Flair Lesson #3: Change Grip Circle Into Pour

Flair Lesson #1: The Drop

Every journey begins with a single step…

And so it begins with your journey into the world of flair bartending. I know you’re excited to start flipping bottles and getting crazy behind the bar – and I’m excited for you – but we’ve got to start small. Real small. In Lesson #1, we’re learning how to drop. Maybe that seems silly, like teaching someone how to play baseball by teaching them how to strike out, but I stand by the importance of this lesson. We’re not just learning how to drop – everyone can do that fine on their own – but we’re really focusing on two things: 1) learning how to practice and learn flair safely, in a safe environment with the proper tools, and 2) gaining confidence from accepting the fact the learning to flair bartend takes time. If it was easy, Continue Reading » Flair Lesson #1: The Drop