Flair Lesson #35: Repeating Circle Swipe Thru with Behind Back Catch

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Make sure you are already able to rock the Repeating Circle Swipe Thru – this move is a variation on the ending. If you’ve got the Repeating Circle Swipe Thru down, this move should be pretty simple. The only difference is that instead of catching the tin in front of your body, you catch it behind your back.

Go through the steps of the Repeating Circle Swipe Thru. On the last step, throw the tin from your left hand up in the air like you normally would but a bit more straight up in the air – you don’t want it to cross your body. Instead of reaching out to catch it, step forward with your right foot and turn your right shoulder down and in for a left-hand catch behind the back. The catch should be Continue Reading » Flair Lesson #35: Repeating Circle Swipe Thru with Behind Back Catch

Flair Lesson #34: Repeating Circle Swipe Thru

This move can be a bit tricky, as it’s actually the first move we have that involves the 2 items in the air at the same time – which is technically considered juggling. Congratulations. Make sure you are comfortable with the Circle Swipe Thru before attempting this addition.

The difference between this flair move and the Circle Swipe Thru is the addition of the bottle toss and follow through of the tin toss at the end of the move. Easier said than done. In theory, the move is simple: at the end of the Circle Swipe Thru, just continue the momentum of the bottle and lift/toss it up and across your body, catching it in your left hand as you toss the tin in a similar trajectory and catch it in your right hand. As the bottle starts to descend towards your left (tin) hand, toss the tin up underneath the bottle letting it roll off your fingers. That’s it in theory – and truthfully, in practice – however, the reality of learning this move can be much more difficult.

The best advice I have for learning this move is Continue Reading » Flair Lesson #34: Repeating Circle Swipe Thru

Flair Lesson #30: Double Flat Back to Front

This move is a twist on the Flat From Behind the Back so make sure you are proficient at that move – especially with both hands.

1) Even though it is a two item move, we are going to focus on one hand at a time. Set down the tin and just focus on the bottle first.

2) With the bottle in your right hand in a “juggler’s grip” – pour spout touching the middle of your palm, fingers extended down the neck – we are going to do the Flat Behind the Back. However, instead of throwing it to the side, focus on trying to land the bottle in front of you. And try catching it with the same hand you threw it with. We’re aiming to get it about 6-10 inches in front of your shoulder, maybe a little lower down your body but at least in line with your shoulder. Once you can consistently get this throw, Continue Reading » Flair Lesson #30: Double Flat Back to Front

Flair Lesson #22: Thumb Roll

Warning: this one is maddening, addictive, and super fun. It was maddening for me because it took me forever to finally get it down. It’s addictive because it is a move that you can easily practice and repeat without really focusing on it. And it’s super fun – once you get it down.

The main reason I love this move is that even though it is not super flashy, it is a great litmus test. As I’ve mentioned before, not everyone wants to see you flair – oftentimes they just want a quick drink. This move is a great little litmus test to help determine whether or not your guest is interested. I start probably half my cocktails with this thumb roll; if I see that the guest takes notice or smiles at this maneuver, I might go into a couple more complex moves. If they don’t seem to care, I go right into making their drink and it hasn’t cost me a single second. Tips for thumb roll: Continue Reading » Flair Lesson #22: Thumb Roll