No Monday Lesson! Anarchy!!

I’m out of town this week working on a project for a client that I’ll be excited to talk about once it’s done. Unfortunately, I did not get time to edit and upload a new lesson for this week. Poop. My bad. I apologize but I’m going to be busy working very hard right here (for real):

Hotel in Mediterranean

Palma de Mallorca

I’m looking forward to checking out the flair bartenders at Hard Rock Mallorca while I’m there (thanks Attila for the tip.) We’ll see if I can come back with some new footage.

Hopefully, you can entertain yourself with some random lessons, focus on expanding your exhibition flair, or checkout some product reviews.

Stay hungry. New videos will be back next week and even bigger announcements coming by the end of November.

Bar Trick: Disappearing Cherries w/Jason Crowley

The final installment in this week’s focus on garnish flair is a crowd-pleasing bar trick from barman Jason Crowley. It’s a bit more of a magic trick than it is flair but a good barman is a jack-of-all-trades who can make an excellent cocktail, carry great conversation, knows the best jokes, executes some flair, and yes, perform the occasional bar trick.

I’ve got nothing much else to say, as Mr. Crowley says it all pretty well in the video. Watch, learn, practice, and perform. Enjoy!


Funniest Flair Video I’ve Ever Seen: Flair Mania’s Movie Trailer

A flair bartending video with no flair bartending? Even still, the guys at Flair Mania somehow manage to make one of the best flair bartending videos I’ve ever seen. If you’ve got 4 minutes and a sense of humor, watch this video. No, there’s no bottle flipping but there is tons of awesomeness.



The video is a promotional trailer put together for the Flair Mania 2013 competition in Riga, Latvia. Sadly, the competition is already over for this year but keep them in mind for early next year. Either way, I hope this video trailer lives on forever. Cheers to Flair Mania for being the highlight of my day. Nice work guys!


Casting Call for UK Flair Bartenders: Audition For A Commercial

Are you a flair bartender? Are you in the UK? Are you good looking enough to be in front of a video camera?

A casting agent named Vicki contacted me this week looking for help in finding a flair bartender to appear in a new drink promo video. A well known brand is releasing a new can and is looking for the right flair bartender to help them make a big splash in the video they’re producing.  Filming will take place in London sometime over the next few weeks, including a test run in Brighton at the production company’s base. The video will involve flairing at a bar while being recorded by a state of the art super slow-motion camera. The right candidate will be a professional flair bartender, in or near the UK, and have a sharp, suave, attractive look.

Tom Cruise Cocktail

Think you fit the bill?

For more info, or to audition, send Vicki an email at: vicki (at) krutalent (dot) com.

Pssst… Those are all the details I have. I love getting emails from people, but if you email me asking about what it pays, the exact date, or whether or not I think you’d work… I got nothing for ya. Get at Vicki. Put a good face forward in your email (and tell her FBTV sent you!)


Ricky Mat Demo Reel for Schweppes Orangina

[COMMERCIAL] • Schweppes Orangina Ricky Mat Flair Bartender from Adrien Lhommedieu on Vimeo.

Just wanted to give a shout out to Adrien Lhommedieu, who sent me this footage he made for a flair bartending friend of his, Ricky Mat. It’s awesome to see what good flair bartending combined with awesome film production can do to make for great video. Watch closely and you may even find a few moves that we’ve already learned at FBTV. Rest assured we’ll be learning the other moves soon – though, I don’t recommend playing with fire.