Product Review: Speed Opener with Spinner Ring


No way around it, if you are a bartender you spend a good part of your night opening bottles of beer. There are dozens of different types of bottle openers out there: this is the bottle opener that I have used for over 10 years. It’s the simplest and the best. Sometimes referred to as a Mamba or a Popper, the Speed Opener is a cheap and effective bottle opener, perfect for opening one bottle of beer or dozens in succession. They retail between $3-4, though you can find some fancy, decorated ones for upwards of $10-12. Get the fancy ones if you want, but the cheaper ones work just as well. The Speed Opener is required hardware not just for flair bartenders, but for every bartender.

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Flair Bartending Lesson #42: Double Glass Split Behind Back

Lesson 42

This is a much trickier Prop Flair move than we have previously been doing but it’s also a bit more fun and flashy. It helps if you are already comfortable with The Stall.

Much like the Glassware Lift-Off, start with 2 stackable glasses. This time, however, we are going to balance them on the back of our hand before tossing them through the air, catching one behind our back and one in front of us. Anytime we are learning a flair bartending move that involves two objects it is helpful to practice each item (or each hand) one at a time so we can focus on each item separately. To practice:

1) Be safe, be smart. You will break a few glasses while learning this move. Minimize the risk from broken glass by practicing safely over a floor mat. Also, make sure you are not close enough to anyone or anything that could get hurt or broken if you lose control of the glasses.

2) Start with just one lowball glass stalled on the back of your right hand. To “throw” this glass, lift your hand up and back towards you while you Continue Reading » Flair Bartending Lesson #42: Double Glass Split Behind Back

Welcome To FlairBartending.TV

The Multi Pour

Welcome to FlairBartending.TV.¬†After blogging for 5 years at, acquiring over 10,000 bartenders/subscribers and nearly 5 million YouTube views, I decided it was time to create a site dedicated 100% to teaching flair bartending. If you’ve been bartending for a while and are looking for the next step, join me and we’ll take your bartending to a whole new level with practical, easy-to-learn flair bartending moves. We start slow with the basics but things get complex quick. Increase your sales, tips, and overall enjoyment by adding a little flair to your bartending job. New moves debut every week, Continue Reading » Welcome To FlairBartending.TV